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10 de mayo 2018 | Juan Luis Durán

The active ingredient in fincar is finasteride.

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if you just want to stop more hair loss, combining it with finasteride or revivogen or both is the way to do it.

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during the follow-up period after study medication was stopped , mean dht concentrations retruned to within 20 of their baseline values at 16 weeks in patients receiving dutasteride, compared with 4 weeks in those receiving finasteride.

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finasteride is used for treatment in men only and not meant for women or children.

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upon doctor recommendation and going by the positive effects regarding hair growth which i have read and heard i took the chance and started taking 1mg finasteride back in 1st april 2017; just been 10 days to be exact and started noticing lack of sex drive, poor erection from 2nd day onwards.


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