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Miguel Alonso

In his quest to capture the familiar world in an unimaginable and unique way, Miguel Alonso borrows the popular icons of the different cities which he photographs — in this case New York City – and shows them with an unparalleled artistic approach. It is solely through a precise and tedious filming process that he can achieve such explosive, yet sensible images of distortion of color, light and structure. If it is at all possible to “dress up” this already glamorous city, Miguel Alonso certainly does it by making the impressive landmarks look as if they were bedecked in radiant jewels.


  • From 85€

    42x52 cm.

  • From 215€

    50 x 75 cm.

  • From 315€

    70 x 105 cm.

  • From 520€

    100 x 150 cm.


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