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Tomás San Andrés

The attractive range of warm colors obtained from this facade in contrast with the cold gray of the shutters are perfectly complemented by the random disposal of the ones that at that time were raised or lowered. The light of the strong sun, can be intuited by the shadows so marked that provide relief to the photograph, conveys a perfect visual warmth to this work and awake, or not, the curiosity to discover what it is behind each window.

Fotografía de autor. Múltiples formatos disponibles para decorar. Autor: Tomás San Andrés)
  • From 95€

    42x52 cm.

  • From 215€

    85 x 32 cm.

  • From 315€

    110 x 42 cm.

  • From 520€

    160 x 60 cm.


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