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The mursi girl

Enrique López Tapia

The photograph is a Mursi girl, dressed in their traditional clothes and ornaments. In southern Ethiopia in the Lower Omo, they live different tribes, some of the most striking and surprising in Africa. In the dignity of her eyes, the pride of belonging to the land is transmitted. Mursi village. Under Omo, Ethiopia.

This picture obtained different awards:

Primer Premio International Kontinent Awards "Editorial/Documentary". Turquía 2015.
Primer Premio VI International Photography Contest, AF Sant Just, Barcelona 2015.
Primer Premio, Medalla de Oro FIAP y Trofeo Gipuzkoa International 2015.
Mención de Honor "People / Portrait" Siena International Photography Awards. Siena, Italia 2015.
Mención de Honor "People / Portrait" Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA). Rusia 2015.
Premio Especial del Jurado "Portrait and costume" HPA 9TH Humanity Awards (UNESCO - CFPA). China 2015.
Mención de Honor "People / Culture" International Photography Awards (IPA). Los Ángeles EEUU 2015.
Mención de Honor Faces Portrait Photography Competition. PDN MAGAZINE. 2015.

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