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Embarcadero Volcán San Pedro

Jaime González de Castejón

The photo captures the first lights of the sunrise. It's cold and the light is moody, the clouds come and go and you have to wait for the perfect moment. This occurs when a large cloud momentarily gets trapped in the volcano's summit, taking over the reflection of the first rays of the day. At that time some people is fishing on the jetties bordering the lake. The children practice with a simple rope tied to a hook and proudly show their small catches. Then, when the day progresses and the sun begins to warm up, they play and swim in the shallow waters of the shore, of an intense bluish green, quiet and vast as an ocean. Pier of Lake Atitlan (Guatemala). In the background, San Pedro Volcano (3020 meters high)

"Lago Atitlan" fotografía Zoom Edition del fotógrafo Jaime Glez de Castejón
  • From 70€

    42x52 cm.

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    50 x 75 cm.

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    70 x 105 cm.

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    100 x 150 cm.


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