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The liopard

Mario Moreno

A female leopard photographied in Motswari, a private concession on the western fringe of the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. This feline is called Rockfig Jr. and fortunately is very comfortable in the presence of human and 4x4 vehicles. What I like about this image is the perfect pose while walking. . . . The original image had plenty of distractions that made it more difficult to contemplate the innate beauty of this leopard, therefore I decided to include it in my "Wildlife as Art", which is composed of a series of images processed to achieve this concrete outcome with an artistic and minimalist flair which highlights the animal without any distractions.

Fotografía: El leopardo por Mario Moreno en Zoom Edition
  • From 50€

    42x52 cm.

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    50 x 75 cm.

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    70 x 105 cm.

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    100 x 150 cm.


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