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Duende de la Puebla

Anya Bartels-suermondt

Morante is famous as an artist bullfighting and especially for handling his “capote”. When he gets his capote a deathly silence occurs. According to experts, it is comparable to the brush of Picasso. In this photo, a half “Veronica” (whose name explanation can be found in the New Testament ...), only appears animal and defense. This photo is part of a collection on the Puebla torero, Anya made several years ago.

  • From 85€

    40x50 - 32x42 - 20x30 - 42x52 cm.

  • From 215€

    50x75 cm.

  • From 315€

    70x105 cm.

  • From 520€

    100x150 cm.


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