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Carreteria en Sevilla (2)

Luis de Vega

A Nazarene accompanied by a small altar boy crosses a street in the neighborhood of Arenal (Seville), in the way to the Chapel where in a while leaves the Brotherhood of “Carretería” on the evening of Good Friday. Seville transforms since centuries during the Holy Week. Thousands of people participate in more than sixty processions and hundreds of thousands of visitors come each year to see how the city and the citizens keep the tradition.

Carrtería en Sevilla 2 (©Luis de Vega)
Foto en marco de madera y cristal de 32x42cmsFoto en DM de 50x75cms laminado mateFoto en Dibond de 70x105cms laminado mate
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    40 x 50 - 32 x 42 - 20 x 30 - 42X52 cm.

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    50 x 75 cm.

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    70 x 105 cm.

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    100 x 150 - 100 x 150 cm.


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