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Brigitte Bardot

César Lucas

(1968). I took this portrait without posing during the filming of the movie "Salako" in Almeria. I was not still a "fixed photographer" in the film, but I was as what is known as an "on set photographer" and I had freedom of movements and had many opportunities to stay and take pictures of Brigitte. Even then he was passionate about animals. The day I took this photo, I was with her in a Rolls Royce and stopped in the middle of the road to see this donkey. "C`est mignon," said (how nice). I took six or seven shots on the fly. In the picture you can even see the white car behind it, driven by a black chauffeur dressed in white. Sometimes she took the leftover catering and gave it to the dogs that roamed around. He asked permission to take the hotel to the one he had fondly. But a few days later he died. His secretary, a Chilean named Gloria, reported that it was so remorseful that day could not face any scene.

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