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Buahaus Twist-I

José Cavana

The Bauhaus only existed for 14 years: From 1919 to 1933. However, it became the most important school of architecture, design and art of the twentieth century. It rethought the design from the bottom up and opened the way to a new beginning of modern art. In the building designed by Gropius in Dessau, the Bauhaus found the ideal design and industrial model (and artistic) mass production environment. Picture taken in Dessau in September 2014 and "built" in 2015, in Madrid.

  • From 85€

    40x50 - 32x42 - 20x20 - 42x52 cm.

  • From 215€

    60x60 cm.

  • From 315€

    80x80 cm.

  • From 520€

    115x115 cm.


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