Intended for the small gift or for visitors who want to take a different memory. They can be sizes to decorate along with other works of the same size (spaces and can be a bathroom or kitchen, or to form collages or mini collections along with others). The size of these pictures depends on the finish: 1) wooden pieces: 20x30 cms (proportion 3: 2) or 20x20 (square shape); 2) frames with a window pane and passe-partou, two sizes: 32x42 and 42x52 cms (external measures) ; 3 ) Passe-partouts: exterior size of 40x50 cm and 30x40 cm photo inside (3: 2). These measures are indicative and each picture has its own measures. The MINI sizes represent the Open Edition of the photographs in the collection: they are open and numbered editions that accompany the "Limited Editions" until they (100 copies) are finished.