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ZOOMEDITION is based out on Spanish photographers: great professionals who, in addition to provide an excellent work from the technical and professional point of view, also have an adventurous, creative and entrepreneurial spirit: its different eye, its ability to capture unique moments and an amazing view of reality, feed the continuous renewal of the portfolio ZE.


The ZOOMEDITION project was born from the vocation and photographic knowledge of three photography lovers, who encourage the founder, Victor Vega, to star an ambitious, different and unique business project in Spain: to bring original photography to the general public for which it is not easy to find this decorative option. High quality finishes and affordable prices are the two pillars for this new form of marketing fine art photography in limited edition. That´s the way our slogan appears: Fine art photography for all.


The other big challenge for ZOOMEDITION is to expand the  knowledge of photography as a visual art and as photographic technique. Therefore, part of the essence of ZOOMEDITION consists of giving back to the community in which it is located what it earns in it. To do this: courses, monographs, workshops with virtually no cost for our attendees will be organized.

ZOOMEDITION aims to be close to our customers, both through their physical presence as our online store. The promotion of local author and his works is fundamental. The values of the Company, are represented in these five words:


1 • Exclusive

Differentiation, limited work, numbering, care and product quality and the customer experience.

2 • Affordable

Our client is a broad audience, not necessarily expert in photography, for whom a “reasonable- price caprice” is allowed.

3 • Quick and Simple

Between the purchase  and having the photo “hung on his wall” or gift wrapped, time is minimal.

4 • Adaptable

Photography that connects with the interests of our clients, that reflect local customs of multiple locations, taken by different authors and adaptable depending on the destination of the work, the time of year and the festivities or events in the environment.

5 • Local

Strong presence in the local community in which we work and strong relationship between authors and customers. The social responsibility of the company is closely related to this value.

NEED HELP? Write us to or call us +34 666434412

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