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No matter if your furniture is from Ikea, your garden accessories from Leroy Merlin or your tableware from Zara Home (with the implicit risk that matches with your sister`s or your coworker´s), if from your walls hang photographic art works in limited edition, carefully selected and produced. Good taste, style and exclusivity of your home or office can be summarized in a good image.

ZOOM EDITION was born to occupy an intermediate space between exclusive photography in galleries and sale of sheets in malls. Between the price of the first one and the second, it is you as a potential customer who are looking for exclusivity, quality and originality without having to get a mortgage for it.

We introduce the concept of affordable Exclusivity: photographic art at a reasonable price, ready to hang, good quality and carefully selected in order to decorate and inspire homes with style and personality.

Our slogan: Fine art Photography for all, summarizes in one sentence what is the essence of the company. Fine art Photography is our base product, and our mission is giving access to this works to the greatest number of people that with moderate effort can enjoy at home a work of exhibition for its quality and its format.

The aim in the medium / long term is to position ourselves with a large number of “photogalleries” at street level in the main tourist and cultural cities of Spain to reach more people art lovers and new customers that even until now “were aware of its existence. “



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