1 · Impresión directa en el taco
2 · Taco en madera de Samba

The photography is printed directly on the Wood Samba *, that shows its natural fiber in pieces of 20 cm high by 30 cm wide and 4.5 cm thick. They are ideal for placing on a shelf or table. Its texture is an added value that creates Tthe feeling of elegance and comfort as well as the pleasure of having a natural and “alive”thing in your hands. There is also a square format of 20x20x4,5 cms. for photos of this proportion.

* Taco wood Samba of 4,5 inches thick, brushed on four sides. The samba is a timber from Triplochiton scleroxylon tree, native to the African tropics. The Samba is a flexible and light wood and its fiber is straight or slightly interlocked, medium grain, which allows a clear photo printing without hiding the background of soft streak that holds.

The certificate of authenticity numbered and accompanied by the artist’s biography is attached to the back of the picture, sealed by ZOOM EDITION.